Wednesday, March 21, 2018

THE LAST HOLDOUT is now available!!

THE LAST HOLDOUT is now available (including the paperback!!)!!

THE LAST HOLDOUT by Natalie-Nicole Bates


Hannah Drury is the last holdout of a pact formed by three friends upon graduation from an exclusive boarding school in Switzerland. The friends pledged they would never marry, instead remain independent, self-sufficient women who relied only on themselves and each other.

Now, years later, Hannah is still searching for the missing pieces of her life. She is professionally successful as a true crime writer, but never satisfied with her success and constantly moves on to new projects. Her latest project is a bookshop with a difference in an up and coming small town in England.
When she meets Justin Salazar, she is immediately attracted to him, but believes he is an aimless handyman. Little does she know, he is far, far from just a handyman.

Can Justin open Hannah’s eyes to the possibility of love, commitment, and most of all, trust? Or will the last holdout once again run away?

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Today is the release day for A PARANORMAL EASTER!
My story, SPRING AWAKENING is featured in this box set.
It will be available for a very limited time for just .99.
There is a release party going on all day at the After Glows Publishing party room. I will be there with the giveaways for a brief 30 minutes from 3:15-3:45 Eastern time, but my giveaways will remain open until tomorrow.

Eggs aren’t the only thing being hunted…
FOURTEEN stand-alone paranormal and fantasy romances set around Easter from 14 bestselling and debut authors. This action-packed, steamy collection is filled with vampires, fae, fairies, rabbit shifters (hey, it’s Easter, right?), gargoyles, witches, dragons, and so much more.

A Paranormal Easter is a must have for all paranormal readers.

**Releasing MARCH 20, 2018**

The preorder is now live! Get it here:

Thursday, March 1, 2018



It is finally the release day for the DREAMS ARE STRANGER THAN FICTION anthology, featuring my story, TIME OUT OF MIND.


After researching a crime from more than one hundred years earlier, Sadie wakes to find herself present at the execution of a murderer. When she intervenes and changes the course of Fate, her mind takes her on a mind-bending trip through limbo from which there seems no escape. As she comes face to face with those whose lives were altered because of her meddling, she realizes that she is now trapped in a dream state that shifts at will. Can she reset justice, or is she doomed to languish in a limbo of her own mind’s creation?

Thursday, February 15, 2018


**New Cover LOVE**

I'm thrilled to share the cover for my upcoming full length contemporary romance, THE LAST HOLDOUT!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Deadly World: Vampires in New York is available for Preorder

I am so excited to be part of this AMAZING upcoming anthology!!

The preorder is now live! Get it here:

After the Vampires took over Earth in the great paranormal war, Humans have become second-class citizens - working as slaves, in brothels, as entertainers, or blood donors.
New York, excluding London, is one of the last big cities to still be under vampire rule after the humans won against the Vampires in Paris.

In the city that never sleeps, vampires thrive in their newfound freedom. Joseph, the leader of them all, holds up in the Empire State Building with his vicious daughter Sadie and the rest of the Hierarchy. Their biggest focus? HAV.
Humans Against Vamps; an underground network of humans fighting back against the blood-sucking demons. However, some humans will do anything to become a vampire. Even betray their own kind.

The world is divided and Vampires are on top. Who will come out on top?

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Today is the EXCLUSIVE cover reveal USA Today's HEA blog for the FROM PARIS WITH LOVE anthology which includes my story, PARIS AWAKENING. Please stop by and see the cover and let me know what you think.